pilot“Pilot” is usually the title of the first episode of a television series.  In this context, it is defined as, “Serving as a tentative model for future experiment or development: a pilot project.” – James H. Kelly.

This is my pilot.  This is to serve as a tentative model for a development to see whether this sequence of episodes will take flight.

This blog is a blog of… trying to figure things out…  An outlet of practicing introspection in a “controlled” manner, or so my professor said.  A series of thought processes in regards to things that go on in everyday life; whether it be, work, school, family, relationships… and how we (I) perceive these things.  Understanding how we portray our life helps us understand the inner workings of ourselves.

I am in the process of re-knowing myself.  Because once upon a time, I spent countless days trying to find out who I was.  However, somewhere a long the way, when various unexpected things in life happened, I stopped.  Here I am outside looking in.  Just like anyone else who’s reading this.  Just like how I encourage whoever’s reading this to possibly do so for themselves.

Every single day is like an episode that we are watching of ourselves.  Every single day is a chance to get to know the main character and find out what their purpose is, and what makes them happy.  Every single day is an opportunity to make every episode of one’s life pertain to the lifestyle one wishes to live, embody, and become.

Every day is a chance to take flight.

– B


Live and let live, right?  What does “taking flight” mean to you?  How do you feel about the concept of appreciating the “little instances of life.”  Comment your thoughts below 🙂  Let’s explore this together.

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