“I Am”

Artist: Frederic Forest

The quietest person at the table tends to be the most intriguing one at times.

I was out on a Saturday night after work.  After a series of beverages and light conversation, the quietest person there told me that he wanted to get the words “I Am” tattooed on his wrists. When I asked him why, all he said was that those words are the most powerful words in the world.

I sat there thinking about the concept of who I was, comparing that to when I was once able to formulate words to explain just that.  Writing is my way of answering my own questions, however I do not write to the same extent that I used to.  Hence why I am more confused and indecisive about various aspects of my life and my emotions than I was before.  The outcome of such has made me notice how truly necessary it is to contemplate on the little instances of life that ultimately compose our beings.

The importance of introspection has been noticed prior to 400 BC, by the very first logician, Aristotle.  The definition of logic itself states that it is with reason that validity is verified.   This infamous thought, “know thyself” remains prominent; evidently popularized by the song “know yourself” by Drake.  His lyrics:

“Pray the real live forever man. Pray the fakes get exposed”

identify how genuine people (to themselves and to others) are fated to achieve greatness, and those who are not may suffer the consequences.

This poses the questions: Is it possible to attain ultimate success when one does not know who they are?  Can a person face fear by taking risks if they do not fully understand what it is they want to attain from those risks?  How can one ever become the best version of themselves if one does not know where they currently stand?

In my opinion, one would not be able to do so.  It is with self-understanding that self-acceptance is rooted from, and from there, self-love.  This ultimately leads to conscious choices made every day in one’s life as oppose to living halfheartedly, sitting somewhere hoping your life will become what you wish it to be with time.

We are not our potential (yet).

The perception of our potential selves seems more immaculate when not tainted with failure; ironically, it cannot be achieved without such.  The means of taking those risks comes from the basis of self motivation attained by loving oneself.

The process of constant introspection is needed to best understand ourselves, so that we may consciously choose to act on life in the way that will most benefit our happiness.  This inherently leads us to become the best version of ourselves.




Hi there.  Comment your thoughts on the subject if you’d like – let’s explore it together, one day at a time.

Provided is a video on The Value of Self Reflection to help further expand the importance of understanding
oneself.  I hope this helps you.

To listen, to see, to understand. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1bgdwC_m-Y
Drake, "Know yourself." Drake.If you're reading this it's too late. Cash Money Records. 2015. CD
Forest, Frederic. "I am" [Photograph]. Retrieved from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/36/95/b3/3695b371dfb33ad80c20e1ce8b3d70c6.jpg

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