“I don’t want to lose myself, loving you”

Have you realized the difference between who you are when you are in a relationship,jas and who you are when you are not in one?  I have been avoiding writing about this because of fear of what was to come next from realizing and accepting what needs to be done.  I feared that once I got it on paper, the thought of it will become realer than it is.  Yet I knew that regardless of whether I wrote it down or not, it would still remain as real as it was when it was lodged up, hidden in a crevice of my brain; out of reach from my heart.

“I don’t wanna lose myself loving you, loving you” – 6lack

I refused to allow this thought to manifest into actions.  Because I knew what it would do if I did.  I knew that it would cause the end of the ‘conspiracy of us’.

I’ve always been afraid of the concept of the end because of the loss I have experienced.

But what exactly is loss?  Does “loss” exist?


lรดs,lรคs/ noun

             The state of being deprived of or of being without something that one has had

Loss is a state of mind.  It is a feeling that manifested from the means of not having something you once had.  Let’s make this figurative speech more literal; you are not letting go of an inanimate object when you process the loss of someone you care for.  It is arguable that you are losing their physical self, however, that was never yours to begin with.

Everything is a bunch of memories that are attached to possible inanimate objects that render a means of bringing forth nostalgia.  These inanimate objects may just be what one would need to let go of.  By surpassing and understanding that loss is a state of mind, one can fully experience loss, then move on without ridding of physical emblems of their precious memories.

We can re-create the concept of loss into something else.  If loss is a state of mind, then we must alter our state of mind.  We may try and do this by out-weighing the benefits of loss verses what one would gain, and by being honest to ourselves about what is actually best for us.

Easier said than done right?

Fear, not to mention love… it seems that these emotions are much easier to feel compared to others.  It is easier to be afraid than to be happy because sometimes, it’s nicer to know the outcome of things. That’s why we hold onto the things that have become familiar.  Never forget that familiarity and your “every day,” doesn’t always correlate with what you need to do.

Remember to love yourself first.



What do you think about the lyrics of the song?  What does loss mean to you?  What do you think of the concept that loss is a state of mind? Comment your thoughts below ๐Ÿ™‚

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6lack, "Luving you." 6lack. FREE 6lack. Interscope Records. 2016. CD

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