I am trying to resurface thoughts manifested from a mere crevice found in the labyrinth that I claim is my mind.

I no longer want to distract myself with the emptiness of my heart, nor the cold temperatures of my soul.

Because those statements are (un)fortunately mendacious.

There is strength in understanding that life isn’t a composition of neither practicality or risk.

Life is a composition of being and simply letting be.  Sometimes you need to stop thinking in an efficient waya way that forebodes self-deprecating tendencies.

Otherwise, one would be left hunting for misconceived versions of happiness; viewing life from a different perspective and not acting on things because of preconceived notions of reality.

I am paralyzed by my own mind.  Thinking and not thinking… the imbalances of my brain that have constituted illegal activity and deeming it as what is right.  Succumbed to the temptations of being saved and saving as oppose to experiencing the journey and acknowledging that there is nothing you need to be saved from.  Understand that there is no enemy; you are not your enemy.



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